Architecture Leshten
Dolen Ribnovo
The Chapel Blue Pool
Kozi Kamak Beslet peak


1. Cultural - historical route:
"The Original and Remarkable Architecture of the Kovatchevitsa village".

2. Cultural - historical route:
Ethnic Groupes and Historical Architectural Heritage in the South-Western Rodopes, the Villages Kovatchevitsa, Leshten, Dolen and Ribnovo".

  • The Village of Leshten;
  • The Village of Dolen;
  • The Village of Ribnovo
  • 3. Tourist trail:

  • Kovatchevitsa village - "St. George" chapel
  • Kovatchevitsa village - the Blue Pool
  • Kovatchevitsa village - the Kozi Kamak (Goat's Stone) countryside
  • Kovatchevitsa village - Beslet peak

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