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Kozi Kamak Beslet peak

Tourist trail:
Kovatchevitsa village - the Kozi Kamak (Goat's Stone) countryside

The Goat's Stone is situated in the land of the Kovatchevitsa village, above the forest farm "Beslet". It takes its name from the rock called "Kozi Kamak. A strange sight appears towards the Kayaliiski rocks and further to the west the sharp peaks of the Pirin Mountain could be seen.

A lot of holes of absolute round shape and identical dimensions and depth are placed on the rock. The investigations show a Thracian origin. The proof ot it is the found here Thracian helmet of Frigya type with movable cheek plates, dated from the 4th c. BC. According other believes, the holes are "astral signes from the visible sector of the sky above the area /the constellations Cepheus and Cassiopeia.

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