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The Village of Ribnovo

The Village of Ribnovo - it has 2 601 residents. One could see there the charme of the picturesque women traditional dresses, the preserved originality, traditions and the life philosophy of the Ribnovo inhabitants.

Age-old pine woods, spacious high mountain plateaus, picturesque meadows, potatoes and tobacco fields, ice-cold mountain sources, endless range of Rodopa picks create the severe charm of the village.

The Beslet ridges arise to the northwest of the village. The high mountain meadows are covered with wild fruits- strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and mushrooms in the summer. Whole families bivouac high in the mountain during July and August to collect fruits and mushrooms, which they sell in the village later.

The life in the village is severe but original. The villagers are Bulgarians Muslims who strongly respect the local traditions.

This is the most populated village of the area now. There is almost no migration to other villages or towns. Marriages happen between the villagers mainly. There are two mosques in Ribnovo. Almost all the women ware the traditional multicolored trousers "shalvars", aprons and headcloths.

A substantial part of the tradition is the hospitality. One can always find shelter, food and a nice word in the village. Interesting for the tourists are the local domestic hand woven exotic kilims, rugs, goat's hair rugs, tufty rugs, aprons with original ornaments and bright colours that women make at home.

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