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Tourist trail:
Kovatchevitsa village -
"St. George" chapel

The Chapel of St. George is situated at 2 km to the north of the village, in the upper part of it in the "St. George" countryside. It was built in 1995 by the master builder Sherif Hodjov from the Gorno Dryanovo village, together with the residents of Kovatchevitsa. The means for the chapel had been collected with the idea of Irina Jereva from donors. The bigger part of the means were donated by Stoyan Petriliiski, Nikola Karamfilov, Georgi Tupalov and many others

The artists Nikola Karamfilov, Vladimir Shishkov, Atanas Atanasov and Stanimir Zhelev as a donation to the village painted the wonderful murals.

It is an hour walking to the chapel. The road passes picturesque meadows and old Roman cobblestone road. The sight from the chapel is impressing - age-old pine trees, an eagle-sight to the villages Gorno Dryanovo and Garmen, far to the picks of Pirin Mountain.

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