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The Village of Dolen

The village of Dolen is situated in the Satovcha settlement system. It is huddled in the picturesque valley of the same name river, on the southern slopes of the Aklisa ridge. The perched one above another houses enjoy the sight with their simple beauty. The village was announced a historical-architectural reserve together with the Kovatchevitsa village in 1977.

According the legend, its first settlers were the escaped from a forcible conversion to Islam Bulgarians from the disappeared later village of Bukurovo ,near the present village Bogolin. The refugees settled on that place where "three roads tie and three rivers merge" in the gorge. From there its name originates /'dolen' comes from 'dol (gorge)/. In the land of the village, in the countryside called Golyam Kamak /The Big Stone/, there were carved in the rock nishes of different shapes. That rock is near the big Thracian settlement that had been existing until the 4th-5th c.c. AD.

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